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New product-Self balance Scooter

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New product-Self balance Scooter
Update Time:09-12-2015

1.Product characteristic:

1)The full import of the electric core to provide a strong power source.

2)zero emissions, low carbon environmental protection

3)travel, leisure, entertainment, sports trend. And easy to learn

4)energy saving,environmental protection, green travel

5)fashion beautiful, smooth operation, more portable,cover small area, easy to carry.

6) save time, no worry about traffic jam

2. Working principle

The working principle of Sologear self balancing unicycle is similar to that of human body.

When the center of body weight bends forward, you need to move forward to keep balance;

when the center of body weight leans back, you need to back up to keep balance. Built-in

precision sensor in Sologear self-balancing unicycle can detect the change of inclination

angle by users. If the users bend forward, Sologear self-balancing unicycle can drive the

wheel precisely to move forward to keep balance; vice versa.


①If any performance problem with equipment within 7 days since purchase date, users can

  choose to return, exchange or repair the goods;

②Except consumables, the whole unicycle is guaranteed for one year;

③The battery is guaranteed for a year; inner and outer tire are guaranteed for half a month