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Next Generation Personal Transport Guides and Reviews

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Next Generation Personal Transport Guides and Reviews
Update Time:11-14-2017
Next Generation Personal Transport Guides and Reviews

You’ve almost certainly heard of these or seen people cruising around on them in your city. Hoverboards were a huge trend towards the end of 2016, and they are still going strong now. They were, for a short time, getting some heat (literally) and started catching fire, sparking Amazon and other major retailers to start removing them from their stores. Fortunately, things have cooled down from that scenario, and there are now a number of manufacturers that are producing safe self-balancing scooters with high-quality parts and UL certification. If you want to learn more about these cool devices and find one to purchase in

Segway Style Two Wheel Scooters

Segway styled scooters are making a comeback! New companies are forming, new products are emerging and this industry is back on the rise. Because of some scares that happened involving both Segway scooters and the similar “hoverboards”, many people are wary of self-balancing scooters. Some are afraid of fires, while others are frightened of balancing issues affecting the safety of the units. However, you can rest assured that the models listed in our article have been vigorously tested, and are as safe as they come. Check out these modern two wheels scooters for 2017! Click here to read more.

Electric Skateboards

Dubbed by some as even more fun than hoverboards, electric skateboards could be one of the biggest trends of 2017. Firstly, they are fast, reaching speeds of up to 20mph and as you would expect celebrities have started getting in on this fun. You will also find plenty of students and silicon valley workers using them to get around. Technically they are not legal yet, but it seems to be the case that most police officers will not cause you any issues unless perhaps they are having a bad day. If you want to learn more about these awesome electric longboards, then click here to read more.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have been around for a while and are perhaps not seen as cool as hoverboards or electric skateboards, but you don’t have to conform. The truth is these are pretty fun to ride too. They are great for kids, but some of them are also quite suitable for adults. You can whizz around your streets in comfort, saving money and knowing you are doing your bit for the environment. There’s plenty of killer designs out there, some of them are built for appearance and style while others are built more for speed. To check out, the coolest electric scooters click here to read more.

Electric Motorcycles

The idea of an electric motorcycle is nothing new but only recently have they been able to realistically compete with gas powered motorbikes thanks to the development of high capacity and lightweight lithium-ion batteries. Right now a lot of them are made for fun, but in the future, we expect to see more practical models that will help reduce people’s carbon footprint. They come available in lots of interesting designs which mimic real motorbikes. If you want to take a look at these interesting bikes, then click here to read more.

Electric Bikes / Bicycles

Now it’s time to get serious because these electric powered bikes are becoming very popular for commuters and certainly serve a real purpose going into the future as everybody tries to go green. The idea is that you can cycle them like a standard bike but when you get tired or if you need a boost when going up hills you can turn on the juice and the electric motor will kick in and do the hard work for you. Of course, you could use the motor as much as you like but it’s good to get some exercise sometimes too.