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Using a Balance Board to Master Skateboarding Techniques

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Using a Balance Board to Master Skateboarding Techniques
Update Time:11-14-2017
Using a Balance Board to Master Skateboarding Techniques

Enhancing your balance abilities can help you in everyday life as well as with certain sports and exercises. You engage in proprioception — which basically encompasses balance, coordination and agility — when you use the ability of your lower body to balance, says Idea Health and Fitness Association. When you apply that notion to help you perfect the latest skateboarding tricks, you increase your chances of success.

Can a Balance Board Help with Skateboarding Techniques?

Balance boards involve the use of a flat, hard top and a rounded bottom requiring the user to employ solid balance skills with swift movements, according to Livestrong.com. They’re primarily used in sports training, fitness, exercise and physical rehabilitation. A relatively inexpensive purchase, a balance board offers positive benefits when you implement it into your skateboarding training. Ideal for learning how to skateboard, the balance board is roughly the same size and dimension of a real skateboard, making it easy to employ a sideways stance. The use of the feet to grip the board is very important in developing balance board tricks, with so much of the talent depending on maintaining your equilibrium.
Using a skateboard balance board helps in the coordination of all body parts so that everything is working in tandem to keep you from falling off. Since skateboarders tend to use their whole bodies when skateboarding, this is an ideal practice concept for keeping all muscles in tune with one another. Balance boards also help boost your reaction time because if you slip or start to falter, your body kicks into action to stop a fall from occurring. You’ll not only learn where your center of gravity is, you can use that to avoid over-correcting your mistakes. There’s also a certain amount of safety involved in using a balance board, giving you the confidence to try new tricks before hitting the ramps with them. Once you’ve got the basic skills down, it’s time to test them out.

Taking it to the Streets

Although balance boards will help you with coordination, this is primarily a stationery activity. After you get the basics of balance down, you’ll need to get out onto the streets to practice on an actual skateboard. If you need a wider deck than what you currently have on your skateboard for comfort’s sake, get one. Taking your skills to the street will help you balance when pushing off and when in motion. You may want to avoid pushing with your front foot; instead, keep the strongest foot (the front one) right up at the nose. Push with your back foot to maintain control of your center of gravity. Once you get this down, you can move on to more advanced tricks. Using a balance board to help in your training has solid benefits for both beginners and more advanced boarders.
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